Welcoming The Era Of Food Truck And Food Container

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Today, we often meet the new style of eatery that use the Food Truck or Container. This is because of the high rent price on some commercial area in the big city. And usually there are no many places at the central city that can be rent.

But, how come? Are there is can be done? Or this concept would be very crowded? You can see many food truck and food container at Surabaya that located on Graha Fairground, Graha Famili at the West Surabaya.

Welcoming The Era Of Food Truck And Food Container

Actually, there are some new sensation and some fun if you having diner at the Container Food concept. There it is:

Drive Thru

Formerly, only the multinational restaurant that can be order via drive thru. With the Food Truck or Container, customer may order without leaving the place (make sure that the store isn't at crowded condition). But, maybe it would be difficult for cars.

No Need to Wasting Time for Searching Park Place

Because of open place concept, so i never encounter for parking trouble for buying meal from Food Truck or Container, except for the place that customer must park their ride first, like Graha Fairground place.

Have a Diner at Outdoor

Eating at the outdoor usually identical with "eating at small depot on street side". But, with this Food Truck and Container concept, eating at big restaurant with outdoor space concept is very possible. But remember, this is only can possible if not rain.

Many choices and easier do comparing

It would be hard things for comparing one restaurant to another if we already enters the tenant and asking for the menu. Besides wasting of time, and is not ethical things if we enters the restaurant only for asking the price.

With this simple concept, the customer might see the price directly at the menu board and judge their choice without asking to the employee. This is make the waiter's job desk, so they can focus at their job.

Usually if we found one food truck or container, it might be another food truck or container.

Saving Cost

Compared to renting or owning a building, the food truck and container concept is much smaller cost. The most difference is the rent and maintenance fee. Without building, they have no any obligation to pay yearly building tax.

Hmm, it's sounds interesting isn't it? The examples of brands that use this concept in Indonesia is : Markobar, Quick Chicken, Kebab Turki, Container Kebab, Chatime, Burger Shot, and many more.

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