Top 5 Most Of Traffic Jam Factors

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The world is seems become more narrow and narrow. Imagine the traffic jam that caused in the many big city across the country. The traffic jam maybe is a main problem in all of the big city around the world.

According to UBER data, every people is trapped in the traffic jam in 90 minutes everyday. These wasted time should be for take nap or playing with the family if isn't use for traffic jam. But, due to this condition, so much times have been wasted

These serious traffic jam is the assumption why almost all people in the big city is experienced high stress and depression. Clearly, no one feels comfortable for sitting in hours inside the car for driving in traffic jam condition.

Top 5 Most Of Traffic Jam Factors

But, we can't just complaining and commenting. Try to understanding and prevent the traffic jam factors. This is for you and me too, there are 5 most factors of traffic jams causes.

1. Breaking the road markings

Every road are have arranged and adjusted for preventing the traffic jam. Pay attention for the road's right side (Indonesia), is just for high speed vehicle.

Never breaks the road markings. This happens a lot in the main junction or freeway entrance. Breaking the road markings suddenly can make the vehicle behind you trapped and the traffic jam happens soon.

Pay attention for motorcycle user! Don't drive your motorcycle in the right side of the main way (Indonesia) especially if you're in the frontage road. Make sure you have to square off before take a u turn or moving on the other road side.

2. Bypassing the Yellow Box Junction and Traffic Light

Traffic light is a important things to prevent traffic light. This item is placed in the main junction to prevent vehicle jammed in the center of the junction. But, there are many drivers doesn't obey this traffic signage.

At the junction's center, there are Yellow Box Junction placed on it. These yellow rectangle function is for giving a extra time or chance for the vehicle who have passed the stop line but still didn't reach the road across them. You must wait until there are no vehicle in the Yellow Box Junction before passing, even when the traffic light is already in the "Green" sign.

Many drivers are still doesn't obey these Yellow Box Junction rules. Therefore, the amazing traffic jam always happens in the junction.

3. Park the vehicle randomly

Parking at the place that shouldn't to park can causes reducing of the road wide. This can cause the road can fit with many vehicle above it because it becomes more narrow. Even there are no "no parking" available, try not to park your vehicle in the main road's side.

Park the vehicle randomly can make your cars sealed by the police. Therefore, make sure you have parked your vehicle in the right place provided by government. Make sure you have seen th "parking zone" sign before you parked.

4. Breaking the traffic sign

This often happens in the motorcycle rider environment. The traffic signage like no "u turn" or "no stop here". Make a u turn in the place that have "no u turn" signage will causes the accident. Because a place that have this signage usually have a huge volume of vehicle with high speed driving.

If a accident happens, can lead into a traffic jam right? Always obey all of the traffic signs. All of these signs have been arranged for preventing any traffic jams and accident. 

5. The public transport that randomly stop everywhere

For you who are the driver of the public transportation service, please stop for randomly sheltering everywhere. This is always happens in the developing countries such as Indonesia. Besides disturbing the traffic, the public transportation name is defaced too.

I don't know whether this happens in the developed countries or not. But the online transport such as Grab and Uber are often found to sheltering in some random place for waiting customer order. Some of them usually caused terrible traffic jam because of they are sheltering in the side of the main side.

Start act now! The common cause of the traffic jam often comes from ourselves. Always obey the traffic rules and the road markings everywhere you are. Don't forget to use the public transport if possible to avoid the volume burst in the city.

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