Not Only AdSense, This Is The Money Source Of Youtube Content Creator

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In the beginning, YouTube only released as a open and free video sharing platform for everyone who wants to share. But, by the time, many people joining YouTube for working and make money from it. And these are called as YouTuber.

For a youtuber who wants to make money from their video, they can't upload random video. Moreover, the YouTube terms and conditions are updating day by day. YouTube is always take down every video that doesn't comply with YouTube's copyright policy.

Every youtuber is forced to make a quality and original content without any plagiarism. This is not a easy deal. But, if you can do it well, you can able to make much money from it.

Not Only AdSense, This Is The Money Source Of Youtube Content Creator

There are many methods to make money from YouTube. There it is:

Google AdSense

Same with this blog which is useing AdSense for source of money. So do YouTube. YouTube is able to integrate with Google AdSense for monetizing creator's video. The Creator can make money from any clicks or view from video which are eligible to monetized

The Google AdSense is also the most famous monetizing methods on YouTube. Google AdSense is available for everyone who is 18 years old or older. But, some kids are registered to Google AdSense with their older sibling or parents. 


For some channel that famous enough in people environment, they often add some implicated endorsement video. Usually, endorsement activities is uploaded together with the content inside. For example, comedy video which is shows a myopia character and another character will offering any glasses or soft lens from any vendor.

Why implicated? It is for keep the creator's image itself. Major of viewers are not interested if they must see a clear endorsement video.


PewDiePie is one of many creators that often uploading gaming review content, one of the example is Dancing Line video. According from the Dancing Line's Fans page, the video is a cooperation review between Developer and PewDiePie.

Many company will choose the famous creators only and the creators must suitable with the company profile, where at the example above, PewDiePie is one of very famous gaming YouTube Creators.


How is sponsorship happens with YouTube content creator? There are many option. For example, the company will provide any set of device (e.g. : Camera or PC gaming) as a device that must be used by the creator with some contract duration (e.g : 6 months). So the creator will use the camera or PC gaming that provided by the company for 6 months for creating their content.

Not only electronic devices, many vendor are interest to become a sponsor for fashion, literature, stationary, etc. And the company would choose the content creator that suitable with their business profile.


This is the biggest but most difficult money source for YouTube Content Creator. Because, the creator only get any royalty if their content are used by any third parties and published for commercial purposes (below of written agreement). Of course, only content with high quality that have a opportunity to get this chance and this is a very difficult matter. Even an experienced creator is not guaranteed for get this chance.

Maybe is still many source from other methods that i don't know, beyond from any that i have mentioned above. In Indonesia, many people have been a YouTube Content Creator. Even our president, Mr. Joko Widodo until a little kids like Baby Tatan is making content on YouTube. Of course, not all creators is focused on money matters. There are some people is only uploading content for their hobbies. But for any people who want to be a creator on YouTube and make money from it, it's possible.

So, how to start it? Is so easy, you only need to create your own Gmail account and star to create your content in the YouTube Channel. Don't forget to choose your channel theme and start to upload your video. Remember, never upload that doesn't comply with copyright terms! or your account would be banned from YouTube forever

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