The Advantages Of WhatsApp Business For Your Business

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The WhatsApp inc is recently releasing their business app, called WhatsApp Business. As its name, this application is made for helping every communication activity of business company. This application is equipped with some complex features.

You can download this official application in Google Play store directly (today, the stable version has been released). The file size is almost same with the regular Whatsapp. Now, what is the difference between the two? 

Showing the comprehensive company details

In the regular WhatsApp, you only can shows your name, the WA numbers, and the status message. In the Business version, you can show your company profile, company's website, company's phone numbers, location drop pin, and the e-mail address. This can helps the customer to knowing your business well.

WhatsApp Business

Fast Reply feature and Greeting Message

You can also add the greeting message in WhatsApp Business. This means, everyone who texting to your WhatsApp Business number will receive the greeting automatically. You can edit these greeting message in the settings menu. for recommendation, the greeting message can include your business intro and your company contact.

The WhatsApp Business is able to adding fast reply shortcut. You can reply your customer message with some queries, and the fast reply recommendation will be appears. This can be used to give your product summary or the pricing table. You can add this features in the settings menu.

Power full as the Regular WhatsApp

Generally, there is no much difference between the Whatsapp regular version and the Business version in the operational side. You just need an active phone number for using Whatsapp Business. The backup chat feature, video call, voice call, etc is still remain available in the Business version.

Away auto reply

In the Business version, you can add an auto reply if you're still away from business. This means, the customer wouldn't feel like you're not pay attention to their chat to you because they can seen your away message because of some reason. This can be useful if you are sick or have some activity that must be handled immediately.

Easy migration

If you are already using the WhatsApp regular for your business, you can migrate your account into the business version easily without erasing any data. You just need to register your number to the WhatsApp business and your data will migrate automatically (if you installing these application in same device, the data will migrate directly without download). Remember to migrate your account first before deleting the old WhatsApp aplication.

So, how to distinguish the regular account and business account? The WhatsApp will give you a notification if you're having a chat with an account that using the business version. The business profil is still shown even if its opened with regular whatsapp version.

For additional information, you can use the business version and regular version in one phone with a different phone number together.

With this business version, your business will looks cooler and more profesional. And the business version can be used for free without advertisement. Are you ready to migrate?

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