Looking Into Property New Trend "Lifestyle Mall"

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The property development trend is more vary. And the one of the list is, how can the developers provide the shopping center in their residential area or at the below level of the apartment buildings.

Many property management try to make a join work with many shopping department vendor for complementing their residential area. There are some concepts of their experiments : starting from Department store, super mall, to the popular trend today : The Lifestyle Mall.

Maybe you are often heard these mall concept. What is the different with the most mall before? Formerly, before the mall is built massively like today, the people is still lack of mall supply and they are very proud if their residential area is close to the big shopping central.

Looking Into Property New Trend "Lifestyle Mall"

But, by the time, there are many new shopping mall that built in the big city (the example is Jakarta, where we can say there is a mall available in every 100 meters). Therefore, the people is starting to bullish this trend of development, because the big mall usually very crowded and jammed.

The property developers is trying to develop a new concept. But, they cannot sacrifice the prestige and the comprehensive living concept for resident needs. And today, they starting to develop the Lifestyle Mall concept.

Let's take a look, what is the difference of this new concept that the old one. We can see through all of our new mall and compared to the old ones. Did you notice the different with them?

From the tenant side, we can see any difference. Compared with the old one, today's mall is not equipped with many tenants. They just equipped with enough tenants just for covering the resident's daily needs and small prestige purposes. Usually, the new mall doesn't have duplicate tenant models inside their mall. For example, the Lifestyle mall only have 1 coffee shop or have only 1 hypermarket.

But, if you take a look with the old concept, you can see many competiting tenants. Some shopping center may have more than 3 or 4 types of same concepts tenants. Maybe that is for covering visitor burst because a single tenant cannot covers too many visitors.

If you visit this kind of mall once a week, maybe is very interesting. But if you must walk through these kind of mall daily, you might be very stressful. Because of this reason, the Apartment lobby and mall lobby is placed in different place.

Finally, the parking access is the reason. With the big super mall, they need a very spacious parking place. Imagine if there are bursting people entering the mall in one day. The residents won't have enough space for park their vehicle. Usually, the visitor of the lifestyle mall is can be predicted and seldom to burst.

So, there are much differences between these two. You can still living above the comprehensive mall for covering the daily needs but isn't sacrificing the residents comfort. Some of Surabaya's lifestyle mall are : The Central, 88 Avenue, Grand Sungkono Lagoon, Marvell City.

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