Looking Internet Trends With Google Trends

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The power of Google search engine shouldn't be doubted anymore. Almost all people around the world is using Google as their source of information. Like the school assignment, food recipe, literation, and even for business reference.

With these much power, there are many queries and keywords that inserted by many people every single day. For some people, especially for content writer, this is a big opportunity for them. And the opportunities is they can easy looking to the trends and make content about it.

So, how to looking for Google trending queries? You can use the tools that called Google Trends. This tools is a facility that provided by Google for take a look into the Google trending queries, that often inserted by people.

Looking Internet Trends With Google Trends

You can see how often a queries is searched using Google. Besides, the Google Trends is also provide the result that relevant for the popular queries.

The Google Trends tool is a popular tool in the Blogger and YouTube content creator environment. It is because they must obtain many visitors with creating a trending content. The trending content usually can drive huge visitors into their site or channel.

The Google Trends is also provide data recap for yearly popular search that grouped based on their topic. These data can be used for basic data for netizen activities survey.

For additional information, these data can use for free without formal licenses. Since the freedom of internet is the one of Google products main advantage which major of Google product can be used for free with very little limitation.

But, the information real time trending maybe not available for some region. These perhaps the people who used Google search isn't too much for collecting data (Some country still have many area that still didn't covered by internet provider).

How to use Google Trends

Isn't difficult to use the Google Trends. You just need to insert the query that you want to see the insight, and then the data would be provided. You can compare a query with others as your consider to create any content.

The data would be represent with the point parameter, which the lowest point is 0 (no search activities) and the highest is 100 (Hot trending topic). You can compare the one queries with another that based on topic or other specific queries.

Data Google Trends

Google Trends is also give the region that most often do a search with the query. This can be your consideration for content or selling that based on geo targeting.

It is interesting, isn't it? With the Google Trends, everyone can see what is the internet trending without doing any painful survey. But you can't use the Google Trends data for specific research since its data is for general only.

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