Knowing The Insurance Investment Unit

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There are many kinds of metric unit. The examples is the distance metric (meters) or weight metric (kilograms). Today, we will discuss about insurance investment metrics that called unit. This metrics is used in all of insurance company at Indonesia.

If you want to buy insurance policy, you can choose 2 option : conventional or the Unit Link. Which is in the Unit Link type, you'll get investment and insurance combination with any percentage that you can decide. This means, you can get investment and insurance protection in one.

Knowing the metrics of investment on insurance (Unit)

Like i was wrote before, unit is the metrics unit of Unit Link investment. In the beginning, when you bought the unit link insurance policy, you can see the price data of the unit that the insurance company offers you.

Knowing The Insurance Investment Unit

The unit price is very fluctuative. This means, the price movement is very complex and dynamic. Don't worry, because this is different against individual investing and you're no need to monitoring the movement of the unit price that you have chosen before (the problem have been handled by the insurance securities partner). You only need to see the annual report that given to you from the insurance company.  

You can choose the investment risk level. You must choose wisely, because the higher risk you choose the more you will get but you are risking your capital and balance. You can choose the low risk, middle risk, and high risk. The price is also based on the risk you have choose.

The Example Of Tokio Marine Unit Price On 24 April 2018
The example of Unit Link's investment price data based on the investment type

You can decide how much percentage you will spend in every investment type. If you are the one who like to invest in the high level, you can invest at high risk for optimal return. But, if you're not interest too much, you can choose the low risk.

Because of the insurance company investment is a long term investment, you are not recommended to withdraw your fund if you are just registered or your investment return wouldn't be optimal. Besides, if the fund balance isn't much enough, your investment return cannot returned optimally.

Even the fluctuation, but based on the history and price comparison by the time, the unit price is always increase by year. In some case, the price increase of the high risk investment can reach to the 15% in only a year period. This is much higher than bank interest. But, in order to get this result, you must consistent to keep your fund in the insurance company and never do some switching (change the fund ratio or change the investment risk level)

For additional information, there are the standard of price increasing forecast every year :
  1. Low risk is from 1% to 3% every year
  2. Middle risk is from 5% to 8% every year
  3. Hig risk is from 10% to 15% every year
But, the forecast is not the definite results. That forecast data is based on the price comparison from year by year from the date of product released. The actual price maybe higher or lower from the forecast, depends on the country economy condition

And how? Do you interesting to investing while protect yourself on the insurance?

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