Knowing About Games Genre Variants

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Do you like playing game so much? If you like, which one do you play frequently? For the one who like playing game so much, you should know that the gaming genre is so many. And the example of them is MOBA and FPS!

But, did you know? Before the MOBA games become so popular, the most popular game is MMORPG and FPS games. Now, we will discuss about variation of the game's genre. Check it out!


MMORPG is abbreviation of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. If you play this kind of game, you will see that every player is represent and act for some figures in the virtual world. These character will grow and develop along with the games story plot.

In the beginning of the computer game era (especially in the online games era) the MMORPG is the one of most popular games in the world. The examples is Ragnarok, RF Online, Perfect World, et cetera. Even the Ragnarok that adopt the Pay to Play system is have many players in their server.

The MMORPG usually have a complex gameplay and the player is must always grinding and hunting everytime. Along with the character's level growth, the game will be harder than before.


FPS is abbreviation of First Person Shooter and is a shooting game. In the beginning, the FPS games is using first person view point. But, the view point is changed to third person by the time. The third person view point is to suit the games with the mobile players, because third person view point is much easier than first person if played with smartphone or console.

Point Blank and Counter strike is the example of famous FPS in the world. In the mobile games platform, there are PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Grounds) that combining the open world and shooting genre.


TCG is abbreviation for Trading Card Game. TCG is games type that using card duel. Each card is have specific effect. Maybe you have seen the Yu Gi Oh and Duel master, which is the games that adopt TCG system.

Unfortunately, TCG is usually need to play with large amount of money. These money is to buy the card bundle. The card bundle maybe contain some legendary or rare card with super power ability. But, there are no guarantee you can obtain these legendary cards even if you have spent much money for buying them. Due to this reason, the TCG isn't too popular.


MOBA is stands for Massive Online Battle Arena. It is a short term game play duration. the players will be gathered to a arena, and their task is to destroy enemy's base while protect the allies base.

In the beginning, MOBA is created for substitute the another genre that requires big amount of money to win (the major of MMORPG games is pay to win). Therefore, MOBA can be played by everyone. The player is only need teamwork and strategy management. DotA is an example of famous MOBA that prioritize the players skill.

But, major of MOBA game developer is developing their games with pay to win system. This making the game imbalanced and look like Pay To Win game type.


RTS or Real Time Strategy is a strategy games that requiring player to manage and build their base while conquering another base.

The Travian and Ikariam is the examples of very popular Online RTS games. In the mobile platform, Clash Of Clans is the one of very popular RTS games with clan and real time battle system. And some of former popular RTS games are : WarCraft, StarCraft, and Command and Conquer.


Rhythm is a game that using a song rhythm to play. The Audition AyoDance and Guitar Hero is some of successful rhythm games. Game rhythm can be played as dancing games, karaoke games, or with some real acoustic tools.

As you see, there are many kind of games genres. There are more kind of game genres such as Board game, Arcade game, Sandbox, etc. But, due to limited time and space in this article, these would be discuss next time! Remember, playing games isn't made for fighting purposes. So, you just need to fun and enjoy during playing your games.

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