Introducing The NFC Technology

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Even this technology has been implemented in Indonesia for years ago, but the fact is there are only some people who understand about this feature. The function of the NFC (Near Field Communication) isn't too popular, even its very useful if its used.

Some of NFC function are : Transferring files and for mobile pay system. These technology isn't so popular in Indonesia/ Actually, this new features is very powerful for resolving some public issues, such as boarding queue problem.

In Japan, the plane boarding process for 450 people is only needs 15 minutes to solve. With the traditional systems, 450 people may consume about 45 minutes (this is due to the official must check the passengers validity ticket and identity). So, lets talk about NFC features further.

Near Field Communication


NFC is wireless connectivity technology with Radio Frequency Idenditication basis. This technology is using the magnetic field induction and make the device interaction in the short range. The first NFC developer in the world was NXF Semiconductors Sony in 2002. 

The advantages of NFC is, this technology is have no any requirements to use it. Formerly, many connectivity technology that requires some pairing, PIN, password, etc for its function. But the NFC can make possible for people to connect their phones (with other phones or any devices) without any complicated requirements. 

A research by ABI is said, in the 2007 (and later) the NFC technology will implemented in any devices through the world. The NFC could be placed in any types of devices, like mobile phones, PC, camera, printer, or even an ATM machines. The mobile phones is looks like a perfect place for NFC usage and propagation. This because of every people in the world will have a smartphone.

Some example of NFC function

1. Smart Tag

NFC Smart Tag is a tiny device that can hanged in every place. This device function is to activate settings for any application, once the smartphones tapped. Maybe it looks so simple. But this can helps you to have much easier life. Usually this tag is implemented in the smart home. 

2. Game NFC

The NFC multiplayer games is not so popular since the internet boom. But, the NFC can act like LAN in computer, so you can play with your friends without any internet connection. The example is Asphalt 5 HD NFC on some nokia devices.

3. File Transfer

The NFC could be a best competitors in file transfer technology against Wi-Fi direct. The main Wi-Fi Direct disadvantage is needed to pairing before transfer file. With the NFC technology, file transfer process can be much simpler. NFC just need to touch the "back side of smartphone" and all files will be transferred instantly.

Kegunaan NFC

Indonesia NFC obstacles

Even its magnificent technology, the NFC implementation in Indonesia is encountered some problems. This is because of the NFC developers in only developed the NFC in saturated Operating System. And when the technology is ready to use, the OS user is migrating to the new one.

But today, the NFC development is starting to rise again. The example is : The Mandiri Bank is released a checking balance application for e-money. So, you can check your e-money balance with your smartphone.

Hope there are no obstacles again in the Indonesia NFC development. Even there are no so many people that using NFC, but this technology could bring a new future.

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