In App Purchases Versus Advertising Which Is Better?

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The world of mobile application is entering a new stage. Today, the mobile user is increased significantly while the computer user is decreased. This make a new market development for the application developer. Because of the Android open source, so every application developer can develop their own application with no limitation (compared with iOS and Windows).

But, as a developers that need very much budgeting for their job, the developers must can make money from their application. This is reasonable, because isn't easy do make a good application without money support.

In App Purchases Versus Advertising Which Is Better

So far, there are 2 options to make money from the application : with in app purchases or Advertising. So, let's discuss about it.

In App Purchases

In App Purchases is the most common methods to monetize an application. Since the very first of the application, the developer is already adopted this monetization concept (with the membership or subscribing method). But, by the time the paid application isn't so popular and shows a down trend graphic. And today, the developers is make a free application but they are sell many goods inside it.

Some application that used in app purchases system is so many. From the game application until the productivity application use this monetize method. But, unfortunately not all user is willing to pay some money to buy the in app purchases.

We can see, there are so many developers that desire to make money from their application once it released. Even in the first day, they immediately show the pop up in the user in the first day of the application have used by user. This then make the user isn't willing to buy the in app purchases and uninstall the application.

In App Purchases

Even with the bad first impression, the developers still offering the user for buying their in app purchases. This might make the users feels very uncomfortable and lead into they uninstall the application.

This kind of monetization methods is famous enough in games application. This is usually makes the games imbalanced, because the item that cost "real money" always thousand times more powerful than the items that only cost "game money". This phenomenon then called "pay to win" games.

The very imbalanced games usually have a very quick decreasing the number of players. It is because of not all players able to spend a lot of money for only to playing games. The very little amount of players might lead into games shutdown.

Considering for releasing a in app purchases and make sure it doesn't make game so imbalanced, but doesn't make the paid player gains nothing.


Compared with the in app purchases, advertising is the more comfortable way to monetizing application. Because it doesn't force any user to spend their money for extra features and the developers still can make money from the application.

But in reality, there are many developers that spamming ads in their own application. And this making the application's user experience is badder, and look like a AdWare or ads generator. Too much ads can disturb the user experience and might lead into uninstalling application from user's phone.

Mobile Advertising

There are many application user who complained about the massive pop up advertising and difficult to close. Consider to use the advertising wisely. No need to spamming ads in the application. The banner ads is more comfort way for user. If you are willing to use the pop up, make sure the timing of the ads isn't disturbing user and can closed easily.

Pay attention for skip feature too. The video ads that can't be skipped is very disturbing and wasting the internet quota. Remember, there are many competitors outside that can replaced your application easily just because of your application is like an AdWare.

So far, you can use the AdMob from Google as a monetizing tools with advertising methods. But, you can use your own ads from another option.

Please consider for using these two monetizing methods wisely. Use the combination if needed. Don't make your developer reputation is dropped just because of the wrong monetizing method implementation

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