How To Screenshot Your Computer Screen Directly

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PC or we called Personal Computer (especially with the Windows Operating System) is a multi function device that equipped with various ability. Even compared with today's smartphones and tablets, there are so many professional activities that can only solved with the Computer.

Some of PC user apparently still can't use the screenshot features directly. Most of user still need the third party application help to do this simple things. But, in fact we can do this just using the original windows application easily. Some PC or Laptops may have a special gesture or button to take screenshot directly, but we can discuss this in general way.

PC Screenshot

So far, we are often to use the third party application like LINE Screenshot or Windows Snipping tools. There are some people that use the Lightshot plugin for computer to do this things too. But, did you know that you can take screenshot without any third party application?

All you need is just press the "Print Screen" key in your keyboard, usually it placed beside the "Scroll Lock" key. Once it pressed, the computer will copying all of your display directly and you can paste it everywhere you want. This including in Social Media comment section too. Here is the simple step to screenshot your computer screen and paste it:
  1. Place yout display into the section you want to snap
  2. Press the "Print Screen" button in your keyboard
  3. Open the application that you want to paste your pictures. Use the Ctrl + V shortcut to simply paste it.
  4. The picture is ready! You can post it or use it for any purposes.
So easy right? You don't need any plugin or third party application anymore for screenshoting your screen. This method is way much simpler than use the snipping tool app. 

Make sure you have pasted your picture, soon after you have press the "Print Screen" button. If you forget to paste the picture and you accidentally copying anything else, your picture will be permanently removed and cannot recovered except you snipping again. 

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