How To Learn Mandarin Easily With Jie Wei Ling

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Are you still studying the Mandarin Language? How many words you have learned? Did you know that the mandarin words is so many?. The one of mandarin difficulties is there are two words that can combined into a new words. Example : 安 (safe) and 排 (bars) can be combined to a new form : 安排 (arrange). They can be used in combined forms or stand alone depends on your needs.

The Jie Wei Ling Games

The amount of words that you have learned is so essential, especially if we talk about HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi/Mandarin Proficiency Test). In this test you need to mastering many bunch of mandarin words. And you must understand where and when the words should be used.

So, today we will introduce you how to learn mandarin words with fun methods! We can play a traditional Chinese games called 接尾令 (jie wei ling)! The game rules is we must interconnect the words that mentioned by the last speaker. Examples : 早上 (zao shang - morning) - 上面 (shang mian - upper part) - 面包 (mian bao - bread) - 包装 (bao zhuang - packs) - 装修 (zhuang xiu - renovating) - dst), continuously.

If you want to playing this smoothly, you must understand many words so you can interconnect the words that the speakers have spoke it. If not, you can't do many things and the score would be given to the another person who can connect the words.

I have tried this games several times, usually i played it on Facebook Groups. We write the Hanzi and Pinyin together with the meaning to helps other people who want to learn mandarin.

This game is so interesting if there are many participants. We can mention so many words in the comment section and learning it means together. But, for anyone who aren't understand enough words to participate, you can watch and take note on the words that have mentioned by the participants. Imagine, how many words you can learn in every single game!.

After you have understand enough words, you can participate into this game. We recommend you write down the words (with the handwriting input or pinyin input) so this can helps you to memorize the hanzi and pinyin forms together with the games. So this can train all of mandarin ability in funny way!

Are you interesting to join us? You can search the mandarin learning groups through your Social Media (you can use the LINE Square too). Happy learning!

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