How To Count Your Money In Mandarin Way

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Counting money in Mandarin Way? Why not? Even it looks hard because of the numbers order on China is so different with western system, but learning how to counting your money is so important especially for you who want to live in China.

Maybe you have heard the local Chinese speaking the money with the hokkien language. As we know, the Hokkien people is speread all over the world and their accent have been adapted with the local accent. B ut, we can see that the numbers order is still follow the China's standard.

At China country, they use RMB (人民币 = Ren Min Bi) or we can call it as Yuan or CNY (China Yuan). In the daily conversation, the chinese usually use the kuai metrics unit for counting money.

How To Count Your Money In Mandarin Way

In Indonesia, we have accustomed to use rounded money currency without cents. But, in the China we will use the 3 kinds of currency breakdown. Here is the details :
  • Yuan and Kuai for the main currency
  • Mao (毛) or Jiao (角) for the tens cents currency
  • Fen (分) is used for the littlest cents
  • 0.38 RMB written as 三毛八分 (Sān máo bā fēn) or 三角八分 (Sānjiǎo bā fēn)
  • 126.66 RMB written as 一百二十六块三毛三分 (Yībǎi èrshíliù kuài sān máo sān fēn yuán) or 一百二十六元三角三分 (Yībǎi èrshíliù yuán sānjiǎo sān fēn)
  • 36.00 RMB written as 三十六块 (Sānshíliù kuài) or 三十六元 (Sānshíliù yuán)
Remember there are formal form and informal form (for daily conversation purposes). You can use the formal way for daily conversation, but can't use the informal way to the formal condition.

For additional information, for efficiency reason usually the money amount isn't written with hanzi form. So, you must memorize the hanzi form of numbers perfectly so you can speak and read the number fluently.

There are no difficulty aren't these? Like in another developed countries, the China money currency is stable enough, so you maybe won't meet the money amount above of 10.000 RMB (1 USD is equal with 7 RMB). Except you want to buy a real estate or a car.

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