Easy Tips For Remembering The City Direction

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Every person have different topography skills. There are some people who can remembering the street direction easily in one sight, and there are some people who very difficult to remembering the street direction (and i'm is the one who difficult to remember).

Actually, remembering the city direction is not limited to the main street only, but can be refers to remembering the direction inside of the mall, airport, or another place with very large area.

Remember the complex street direction

Since i am is the one who difficult to remembering new area, even i'm living in the "not too complex" city like Surabaya with easy direction and haven't so many highways and freeways. I can't imagine if i'm living in metropolitan city like Jakarta or something like that.

But, the slow person doesn't mean can't. The one of easy method i have used is often go out around the city, but not all people can walking around the city except if you're a sales person. There are some tips and trick for you so you can remembering the city direction easier.

Using navigation apps

You can use the navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. These are really helpful for understanding the new areas you want to explore. You are only need to set up the apps while you are walk or drive and the easiest route would be setted automatically.

But, these apps isn't updated real time (you can't see any traffic change like contraflow condition or something else). So if you aren't use this apps carefully, this can lead to traffic violations.

And you cannot use your device while driving, so this method isn't recommended if you are driving in the crowd main street.

Remember the landmark

The other effective method is remembering the landmark location. You can remember some high rise building with unique name or remembering the street shape. In the big metropolitan city like Jakarta, you can remembering the mall name or apartment building around the street.

This method is very effective and i have prove it. If you are do this method frequently i'm sure this can be more efficient than use the navigation apps.

Use the same direction for go and back

Using the alternative way is much faster and easier for avoiding the increased vehicle volume on the some main street. But, if you use the alternative way which is the alernative way is different with the way you go in the beginning, you can be confused.

Why? It is because the alternative way usually is a small and narrow way. You're entering the areas with no landmark and have many turn.

Use the motorcycle

Using the motorcycle is easier way to go around the city. It's because the motorcycle is can save the fuel cost and motorcycle can do maneuver much better that car. So if you are pick the wrong way, you can easily make a u turn.

The motorcycle can be use to enter area that is restricted to car, so if you want use the alternative way, is much way easier. But there are motorcycle restricted area and usually these area is located on the center of the city.

Opening the maps apps frequently

Open the maps apps frequently can help you to predict the direction. This can help if you are in situation that require you to entering new area, you have the turning point.

Just open the area that you haven't visited before, then just take a look how to reach the location. You mustn't do this everyday, but you can do this during your free time.

The remembering city direction are not a easy things. Even the person who go around the city frequently doesn't guarantee that they can remember whole city areas well. But, if you can remember the way and direction that you need to go through, can help you for saving your times rather than asking.

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