What Is One Stop Concept?

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Are you often hear the "One Stop" words? Now, we will discuss about the One Stop Concept and the usage of that. Many people now considering the one stop facility for their daily needs. So, what is One Stop Concept?

What Is One Stop Concept?

Basically, many people is to lazy for moving from one place to another place (or one website to another website) just for accomplish their needs. E.g. : You are about to shop your needs like foods, tools, clothes, and household cleansing. I'm sure you will choose to visit the supermarket that contains all of your needs rather than bought it on their specific shop because it's so wasting time and energy.

The supermarket usually adopt the "One Stop Shopping" concept. This means, you can found your daily needs, simple household tools (like hammer or saw), electronics, clothes, etc. in one place. In Indonesia, there are many supermarket that adopt the ultimate one stop shopping like Lotte Mart and Transmart Carrefour.

One Stop Concept strategy usually adopted at busy city. It is because of their limited time for shopping and practical reason. But, the One Stop concept is still have main disadvantage. The supermarket that adopt "One Stop Shopping" concept, cannot provide 100% of the things compared with specific market like Lotte Mart compared with Ace Hardware. You can buy simple thing like hammer on supermarket, but i'm not sure you can buy hydraulic jack.

One Stop concept is famous on the internet too. E-commerce like amazon adopt the ultimate one stop concept and sell any type of things around the world. We can found a "One Stop Download" concept on internet too and they provide any content that you can download from it directly, like wallpaper, games, or music.

One stop concept can be represent with All in One too. With this concept. your life can be simpler. But if you want to buy such specific things like building material, i advise you to visit building material store, not supermarket because you wont found it there. One Stop concept is only for general needs not such specific needs.

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