Understanding The Loyalty Program For Loyal Customers

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Every vendors must serve their service perfectly. The more perfect the service, more customer will trust their needs to the vendors. Without loyal customers, a company will be drown and cannot develop their business well.

There are a lot of methods for giving more service in order to increasing loyal customer. Giving some rewards, discounts, referral, and the one of famous system called Loyalty program.

Understanding The Loyalty Program For Loyal Customers

As it called, loyalty programs is a program that designed for loyal customers. The more customer use the vendor's service the more privilege that customer can take. So, what the reason and advantage for join a loyalty program?

1. Receive Reward

Reward is a usual methods for loyalty program. The example is GrabRewards and Go-Points program. If you use the service continuously, you can gain more points and you can redeem it with some interesting rewards, such a electronic items, coupon, voucher, or even a smartphone and motorcycle.

In order to collect bigger points, you must use the service that cost more too. You can also receive some point if you purchasing some goods through the apps.

2. Points to Voucher

What that means? The points to voucher means every point that you've collect have some value of money. The example is point you gain from Indonesia's Ponta (Point Terminal) Loyalty Program.

You can gain any points from many merchant (Alfamart, Solaria, Watson, etc) and redeem it at any merchant. You can get 1 point on every Rp. 200 you spend with Ponta. And every point you collect worth Rp. 1 shopping voucher.

Feels so little? Don't mind it, remember that the point is given to you without any terms and condition. Imagine if you spend Rp, 2.000.000, you get 10.000 points for free! Someday, Ponta may give a surprise promo like you can buy any foods with only 5000 points for free.

3. Special Discount

BCA (Bank Central Asia) is the one of loyalty programs that brings special discount to customer who use it. Rewards BCA is the name of the program. It is very recommended for loyal customer to join this program. Imagine if you spent 200.000 in every transaction and got 10% discount, then you save 20.000! How about 20.000.000?

4. Privilege Program

Some vendors, like GrabRewards use the Tier Privilege system for their loyal customer to enjoy some special feature. The more often you use the service, then the more facility you can enjoy!

GrabRewards offers different kind and price of voucher for their customer tier (Silver, Gold, and Platinum). You can even use the dedicated line customer service if your tier reached platinum level and your booking will always prioritized.

Ensure you are continuously use the vendor's service. Remember the customer should maintenance their tier in order to enjoy the privilege.

5. Affiliate Program

The rewards is not enough? Then many vendors offer the affiliate and referral program for their loyal customer in order to get the new potential loyal customer. Cashtree is a good example. If you invite your friends to use Cashtree application, you may get free points for free.

Then this is give much profit for all sides, including the new invited user. This is because a new user that registered from a referral get the rewards too and the vendor got a lot of potential new customer while the referee got referral rewads.

Many advantages isn't it? So, how to join? Usually, vendors or company will offer you to join their loyalty program if you are eligible to join. The eligibility can considered from how often you use the service or how much you have spent your money for shopping. Therefore, loyalty program method is very effective to keep the loyal customer on the track.

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