What Is The Difference Of Traditional and Simplified Hanzi?

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For anybody who have learned the Mandarin Language before, maybe have known about the mandarin character called hanzi, is divide within 2 kind of type: Simplified and the Traditional version. The origin of the two hanzi type is same from China. But at 1911 china's revolution, Mao Ze Dong have simplified major of the hanzi character. Some of the Mao Ze Dong doing was erasing the budhist elements of hanzi or reducing unnecessary hanzi stroke.

However, not all traditional hanzi can be transform into the simplified. In fact, there are a lot of hanzi traditional character is still used because the simplified version cannot covers all of literature importance, and there are few ambiguous simplified version. There it is:

What Is The Different Of Traditional and Simplified Hanzi?

The Change Of Radical

Some of hanzi simplified have change on the radical type, the example is 听 (pinyin : ting = hear) on simplified version and 聽 (pinyin : ting = hear) on traditional version, there are radical change from 耳 (er = ear) to 口 (kou = mouth), and the strokes have been significantly reduced to. But, if you see on the radical change, you can see that the radical is wrong and misinform because we should use ear to hearing sounds, not using mouth.

Another ambiguous radical change is on the 愛 (ai = love) to 爱 (ai = love). Why the heart component must erased?

Some of hanzi experts have put any question of this ambiguous change. But no one still can answer it.

Stroke reduction

Compared with the traditional, simplified have much easier way to write and memorize. Some of character with significantly stroke reducing is 樂 (le = happy) to 乐 (le = happy). So much simpler and easier.

Sheng diao (tone) removal

This is the second ambiguous things after the radical changes. Where is a tone removal on some words of simplified version (except the repeating word like 爸爸 (baba) or 妈妈 (mama) that should have tone removal on the second word).

The example is on the 朋友 (peng3 you0), where the pinyin tone should be peng3 and you4. This is perhaps of the complicated pinyin regulation. Therefore, many of people that newly studying mandarin character encounter some ambiguous situation that when the tone should be removed or not.

Pinyin and Zhuyin Usage

If you are live on the Taiwan state, maybe you can be confused because there is no pinyin regulation in the Taiwan state, but they are using the Zhuyin regulation beside. Zhuyin in the famous mandarin phonetic symbol (MPS) that represent the old way of reading methods of the Mandarin character.

If you are used to study with pinyin, maybe you cannot use it at Taiwan state because there are no relation between Pinyin and Zhuyin.

The world are still change to the better and better and so the Mandarin character. I hope the China government can fixing and adjusting the regulation between the two version of mandarin character perfectly in the future.

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