Even Against Law This Is The Reason Why Hoax Is Still Produced

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Hoax is being a serious case around the world. Every day, we meet many hoaxes that shared over the world on Social media or untrusted website. Hoax is a uncredible and untrusted news that used for attack opposition on politics matter or spread a terror in people.

Every country have restrict the spread of hoaxes and if someone share or create a hoax news will chased by police and threatened to a jail. However, if it against law, how it become very famous and always produced massively? We try to conclude why the hoax always produce and terror many people over the world.

1. Hoax is a very effective clickbait

Before we start, i want to ask you whether this 3 article's title that interest you to open in your browser directly? 
  1. Due to accident, 1 tons of fish spilled to main road
  2. Oh my God! This fish is trying to escaping the truck
  3. Spread the sign of the God Anger! Thousand of fish spread and appear from land!
Which one you choose? I'm pretty sure that only a few people choose the number one because is to general. And you can easily guess what the article's content from the title.

Even Against Law This Is The Reason Why Hoax Is Still Produced

Why they produce the clickbait? Of course because of the traffic. Clickbait can create curiosity for the visitor to visit their website. This means, the more visitor comes more profit they can produce with the website

2. There are major people still haven't open mind on internet

For some people (especially the one who aren't often and understand about the internet world), usually can easily trust any of information that spread through their social media account without researching the source first. I'm often found many broadcast on my WhatsApp group that contain hoaxes, but i never found it shared by a young person who understand about the internet world.

Why this happens? Because not all people know the truth. The are believe that the information on the internet is filtered like at the newspaper which is totally wrong. They still don't know about the internet contain can be produced by a anonymous person and not strictly filtered.

And the fact, major Indonesian people doesn't know the truth behind hoaxes. And this would be the cause of hoax to be a most potentially viral content

3. Xenopobhia with a organization or person

If you're have many activities at social media, i'm sure you often meet a hate speech that produced by a person or a organization. A hate speech usually contain many hoaxes on it and it is for covers the hate speech by fake fact and data. And if you check it through other media, you can't find other media that broadcast the exact same news.

Whether the article is hoax or not, can be proven by search it through search engine like Google. Are you found the credible and trusted media broadcast exact same news? If not, the article is definitely a hoax that used by a person or organization to represent their dislikes with others.

4. High Anonymity 

Everybody may create a free website quickly. Formerly, a person who want to create a website, must capable to do HTML coding. But now, everybody can create a free website with free CMS (Content Management System) and can be normally functional as the other site without any difficulties.

And you can create it anonymously. The easiest example is how many people using their face for social media's profile picture? And how many people using their exact name on their identification card for their social media name?

With anonymity, everyone able to spread the hoax easily without worries.

5. It's very hard to block all hoax site

Because of all reason above, the government cannot easily block all hoax site. If one site successfully blocked, the hoax creator may create other site and it will continuously happen.

And we are exactly know, we aren't live for reporting hoax site. So, if someone (who understand the internet) encounters a hoax site, they will consider to leave and not report it to the hosting provider or the government (i'm to lazy to report them too).

Maybe there are a lot of reason. But anyway, hoax is a harmful threatening things. There are several tips for you to avoid hoax on the internet :
  1. Make sure you're reading a article from credible media
  2. Don't read the title and picture only, but read the whole article first.
  3. If the article doesn't contains any fact and data, don't share it and leave the site immediately.
  4. Check the other media, especially the mainstream media (whether they are reporting a same news or not)
Let's fight against hoaxes! Hoax is one of divide et impera act for a country. And i'm sure no one want to see the country fall into chaos because of that.

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