Knowing The Advantage Of Online Marketplace For Small Business

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Internet world is a very wide world and won't stop for entire day. Many things can do inside the internet, like playing games, searching for new friends, looking for information or a news, trading, and even buy and sell activities.

The buy and sell on the internet can found in the online marketplace. This marketplace is very helpful for small business, because the small business is a startup and have very limited capital and only created with a simple system.

Because of the online marketplace is always integrated with the search engine like Google or Bing, so registering any goods to the online marketplace can rise the transaction probability.

Knowing The Advantage Of Online Marketplace For Small Business

Actually, not only small business use the online marketplace. Even a big retail group like Alfamart and Indomaret is also use this system to rise their business too, but the difference is they use their own application and this is very difficult (or even impossible) for the small business due to limited capital.

So, how to do? Is so easy. You only need to register a new account on the any marketplace site on your country (the examples at Indonesia are Tokopedia and Shopee). You maybe need to upload any identification card for administration purposes.

Try to submit every detail of your business data, so your business can easily sighted by buyers. The amount of transaction can be assumed by how your product's performance at search engine (especially the product visibility), so always use the words that can be easily understanding by the internet users. Avoid use the scientificial words.

The Advantage of Online Marketplace For Small Business

So what is the advantage from the online marketplace for the small business? There are a lot advantage you can get like :
  1. You can get any clients from online without much budget.
  2. The online marketplace always open on 24/7, so you can maximize the potential for getting any clients.
  3. Free for any small business
  4. You still can get any promotional events for free from the marketplace vendors. Like the Shopee that often give free shipping promo or Lazada's flash sale.
Formerly, the small business only can get the customers around them. But now, that is not a valid statement anymore. Today small business can approach the whole country or even worldwide with the online marketplace help. So, every small business must learn the internet basic. Learning about expand their business through the internet.

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