Understanding The Difference Of Credit Card and Debit Card

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Everyday, our financial system is expanding to the more complex and more sophisticate. And some of our needs are the credit card and debit card. Formerly, credit card our abbreviated as CC, rarely used in Indonesia. But, slow but sure there are more and more people will use these card.

We will discuss about the difference of the debit card and credit card. These card are issued by financial league. And because not too many people knows about the difference of these cards, so we will discuss it.

Understanding The Difference Of Credit Card and Debit Card

Basic Explanation

The general explanation of debit card is the card that used for any financial transaction and issued by bank. This card can be substitution for the cash money. The debit card cannot be used exceed the account balance.

While the credit card is a card that issued by a bank for financial transaction with the installment without any collateral system. The credit card can be used without regarding to the bank account's balance. But, the credit card have a monthly usage limit. So, pay attention to the limit before you use it.

How to apply

The debit card can obtained together with the opening of your bank account. The credit can can be used for withdrawing money from the authorized bank ATM. You aren't need to prepare any requirements to obtain beside the requirements for opening a bank account.

And the credit card is obtained by applying some application to the bank. Not everyone can applying the credit card. The bank will evaluate the applicant. These include evaluating financial condition of the applicant. If its eligible, the applicant will obtain their credit card with suitable usage limit with it (usage limit is a credit amount that customer can use monthly. The minimal usage limit at Indonesia is 5.000.000 (five million) rupiahs.  

How To Use

These two cards haven't any much difference. These cards can be used to withdraw some amount of money at ATM or EDC swap on the merchant.

The difference of these two is how to authorize the transaction, where the debit card can be authorized by a PIN only (and if the PIN are correct on the transaction, the transaction would be settled)

But, we can use 2 option on credit card for authorize transaction matters. We can use PIN (the PIN terms is same with the credit card) or signature. Peoply usually more consider to use signature than PIN because the security reason.

This is because not everyone can copying the signature easily. Some people is like to take a look to someone who entering their atm's card PIN. If the signature isn't same with the credit card surface, the transaction wouldn't settled.

Physical Appearance

If you see a glance at these card, there are not many differences. But, the front face of the credit card usually have the owner's name and the valid date printed on it. But on the credit card, the front side only have 16 card digit that printed on it. 


For the debit card, there are no monthly charge no matter you use it or not. If there are any monthly charge, that is the bank account administrative fee, not the debit card monthly charge.

But the credit card have monthly administrative fee (the amount may vary, depends on the credit card type. The higher limit you got the more fee you charged). The administrative fee can be removed, but you must use your monthly limit.

User Advantage

This is the advantage of credit card. Compared to the debit card, the debit card usually have not too much promotion because the bank can't get any profit. But, the bank company will attempt to work with many merchant to increase their credit card user. This is because the more customers use their credit card, the more interest that bank would be get.

Promosi Kartu Kredit
The credit card promotion on many merchant

The credit card can be used for "savior" too. For example, if the pay day is still too far but the money is almost running out, the credit card can be used for solution than take a credit from others.

But remember, that you must use your credit card wisely because any of transaction history is monitored by bank central. If the credit card monthly bill isn't paid off, the credit card holder can threatened with bank's blacklist and cannot use any installment facilities before they pay their postponed bill.

That's all. Remember you should not give your card to anyone who you didn't know well because anyone can misuse it. Be wise and careful for handling your transaction because this is about your financial problem.

Knowing The Advantage Of Online Marketplace For Small Business

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Internet world is a very wide world and won't stop for entire day. Many things can do inside the internet, like playing games, searching for new friends, looking for information or a news, trading, and even buy and sell activities.

The buy and sell on the internet can found in the online marketplace. This marketplace is very helpful for small business, because the small business is a startup and have very limited capital and only created with a simple system.

Because of the online marketplace is always integrated with the search engine like Google or Bing, so registering any goods to the online marketplace can rise the transaction probability.

Knowing The Advantage Of Online Marketplace For Small Business

Actually, not only small business use the online marketplace. Even a big retail group like Alfamart and Indomaret is also use this system to rise their business too, but the difference is they use their own application and this is very difficult (or even impossible) for the small business due to limited capital.

So, how to do? Is so easy. You only need to register a new account on the any marketplace site on your country (the examples at Indonesia are Tokopedia and Shopee). You maybe need to upload any identification card for administration purposes.

Try to submit every detail of your business data, so your business can easily sighted by buyers. The amount of transaction can be assumed by how your product's performance at search engine (especially the product visibility), so always use the words that can be easily understanding by the internet users. Avoid use the scientificial words.

The Advantage of Online Marketplace For Small Business

So what is the advantage from the online marketplace for the small business? There are a lot advantage you can get like :
  1. You can get any clients from online without much budget.
  2. The online marketplace always open on 24/7, so you can maximize the potential for getting any clients.
  3. Free for any small business
  4. You still can get any promotional events for free from the marketplace vendors. Like the Shopee that often give free shipping promo or Lazada's flash sale.
Formerly, the small business only can get the customers around them. But now, that is not a valid statement anymore. Today small business can approach the whole country or even worldwide with the online marketplace help. So, every small business must learn the internet basic. Learning about expand their business through the internet.

The Difference Between General Insurance and Life Insurance

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What do you think when you heard "insurance" word? Many people maybe remember the health and life insurance. Actually, the insurance isn't talk about health and life only, but more than it.

Generally, there are two kinds of insurance : The General Insurance and Life Insurance. Life insurance is more popular because every people needs insurance backup for health problem and every human in the world always have risk for sick.

So, what is the difference between the two?

The General Insurance

General Insurance is an insurance type that covers any financial loss that caused on non-living things, e.g. : car insurance, fire insurance, loss insurance, etc. General insurance usually have a short term contract only.

The example is, if you are buying a travel insurance. The insurance policy is only valid if you are on and still during travelling that included in a condition the inside of the policy contract on the limited term. So, if you bought a travelling insurance from Indonesia to Singapore on 26th October - 30th October 2018 and you go by a plane, the policy is only valid with that condition and cannot be replaced.

But, there are a popular product of General Insurance : car policy and some lost insurance type. Usually, these kind of insurance is bundled with installment contract if you bought a car or motorcyle with installment payment method. These insurance may covers financial lost from lossing the item or damage.

Extra note, the general insurance haven't any cash value and any insurance premium that you've paid to the company cannot be returned, even you haven't claim anything within the contract term.

Examples of general insurance company : Generali General Insurance, Simas Mobil, OTO Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an insurance that covers customer and its family from financial loss that caused on living things, especially human. Because every human will definitely sick and died, so the life insurance company opens their business everywhere in the whole world.

Everybody should have any life insurance. It is because of no one knows when they will got sick or something terrible that can killed them. But, this isn't means that if you bought any life insurance policy then you can't die or sick.

As i have told in the beginning of this article, the life insurance only covers customers and its family from financial loss. This means, if something terrible is come to the customers, the financial loss will covered and the family might not fall into chaos or bankruptcy.

Life insurance is have 2 type, the conventional and unit link. The differences is only on its cash value. The unit link is combined from insurance and investment. So, you can withdraw your premium from the account, as long as you are not overdraft the balance.

Life insurance is have a very long term of contract (it could until 100 years), because people needs the insurance on their lifetime.

The examples of life insurance company operated in Indonesia : Tokio Marine Life, Prudential Life, Sinarmas Life, Cigna Life, AIA Life. Note : the "Life" word means the company only handle life insurance.

As the end of this article, you can't bought general insurance policy at life incurance agency and vice versa. It is because every agent must pass the insurance test that held by government, before they can sell the insurance policy. And every insurance agents are operated on the specific office and cannot combined.

Understanding The Loyalty Program For Loyal Customers

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Every vendors must serve their service perfectly. The more perfect the service, more customer will trust their needs to the vendors. Without loyal customers, a company will be drown and cannot develop their business well.

There are a lot of methods for giving more service in order to increasing loyal customer. Giving some rewards, discounts, referral, and the one of famous system called Loyalty program.

Understanding The Loyalty Program For Loyal Customers

As it called, loyalty programs is a program that designed for loyal customers. The more customer use the vendor's service the more privilege that customer can take. So, what the reason and advantage for join a loyalty program?

1. Receive Reward

Reward is a usual methods for loyalty program. The example is GrabRewards and Go-Points program. If you use the service continuously, you can gain more points and you can redeem it with some interesting rewards, such a electronic items, coupon, voucher, or even a smartphone and motorcycle.

In order to collect bigger points, you must use the service that cost more too. You can also receive some point if you purchasing some goods through the apps.

2. Points to Voucher

What that means? The points to voucher means every point that you've collect have some value of money. The example is point you gain from Indonesia's Ponta (Point Terminal) Loyalty Program.

You can gain any points from many merchant (Alfamart, Solaria, Watson, etc) and redeem it at any merchant. You can get 1 point on every Rp. 200 you spend with Ponta. And every point you collect worth Rp. 1 shopping voucher.

Feels so little? Don't mind it, remember that the point is given to you without any terms and condition. Imagine if you spend Rp, 2.000.000, you get 10.000 points for free! Someday, Ponta may give a surprise promo like you can buy any foods with only 5000 points for free.

3. Special Discount

BCA (Bank Central Asia) is the one of loyalty programs that brings special discount to customer who use it. Rewards BCA is the name of the program. It is very recommended for loyal customer to join this program. Imagine if you spent 200.000 in every transaction and got 10% discount, then you save 20.000! How about 20.000.000?

4. Privilege Program

Some vendors, like GrabRewards use the Tier Privilege system for their loyal customer to enjoy some special feature. The more often you use the service, then the more facility you can enjoy!

GrabRewards offers different kind and price of voucher for their customer tier (Silver, Gold, and Platinum). You can even use the dedicated line customer service if your tier reached platinum level and your booking will always prioritized.

Ensure you are continuously use the vendor's service. Remember the customer should maintenance their tier in order to enjoy the privilege.

5. Affiliate Program

The rewards is not enough? Then many vendors offer the affiliate and referral program for their loyal customer in order to get the new potential loyal customer. Cashtree is a good example. If you invite your friends to use Cashtree application, you may get free points for free.

Then this is give much profit for all sides, including the new invited user. This is because a new user that registered from a referral get the rewards too and the vendor got a lot of potential new customer while the referee got referral rewads.

Many advantages isn't it? So, how to join? Usually, vendors or company will offer you to join their loyalty program if you are eligible to join. The eligibility can considered from how often you use the service or how much you have spent your money for shopping. Therefore, loyalty program method is very effective to keep the loyal customer on the track.

What Is One Stop Concept?

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Are you often hear the "One Stop" words? Now, we will discuss about the One Stop Concept and the usage of that. Many people now considering the one stop facility for their daily needs. So, what is One Stop Concept?

What Is One Stop Concept?

Basically, many people is to lazy for moving from one place to another place (or one website to another website) just for accomplish their needs. E.g. : You are about to shop your needs like foods, tools, clothes, and household cleansing. I'm sure you will choose to visit the supermarket that contains all of your needs rather than bought it on their specific shop because it's so wasting time and energy.

The supermarket usually adopt the "One Stop Shopping" concept. This means, you can found your daily needs, simple household tools (like hammer or saw), electronics, clothes, etc. in one place. In Indonesia, there are many supermarket that adopt the ultimate one stop shopping like Lotte Mart and Transmart Carrefour.

One Stop Concept strategy usually adopted at busy city. It is because of their limited time for shopping and practical reason. But, the One Stop concept is still have main disadvantage. The supermarket that adopt "One Stop Shopping" concept, cannot provide 100% of the things compared with specific market like Lotte Mart compared with Ace Hardware. You can buy simple thing like hammer on supermarket, but i'm not sure you can buy hydraulic jack.

One Stop concept is famous on the internet too. E-commerce like amazon adopt the ultimate one stop concept and sell any type of things around the world. We can found a "One Stop Download" concept on internet too and they provide any content that you can download from it directly, like wallpaper, games, or music.

One stop concept can be represent with All in One too. With this concept. your life can be simpler. But if you want to buy such specific things like building material, i advise you to visit building material store, not supermarket because you wont found it there. One Stop concept is only for general needs not such specific needs.

Even Against Law This Is The Reason Why Hoax Is Still Produced

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Hoax is being a serious case around the world. Every day, we meet many hoaxes that shared over the world on Social media or untrusted website. Hoax is a uncredible and untrusted news that used for attack opposition on politics matter or spread a terror in people.

Every country have restrict the spread of hoaxes and if someone share or create a hoax news will chased by police and threatened to a jail. However, if it against law, how it become very famous and always produced massively? We try to conclude why the hoax always produce and terror many people over the world.

1. Hoax is a very effective clickbait

Before we start, i want to ask you whether this 3 article's title that interest you to open in your browser directly? 
  1. Due to accident, 1 tons of fish spilled to main road
  2. Oh my God! This fish is trying to escaping the truck
  3. Spread the sign of the God Anger! Thousand of fish spread and appear from land!
Which one you choose? I'm pretty sure that only a few people choose the number one because is to general. And you can easily guess what the article's content from the title.

Even Against Law This Is The Reason Why Hoax Is Still Produced

Why they produce the clickbait? Of course because of the traffic. Clickbait can create curiosity for the visitor to visit their website. This means, the more visitor comes more profit they can produce with the website

2. There are major people still haven't open mind on internet

For some people (especially the one who aren't often and understand about the internet world), usually can easily trust any of information that spread through their social media account without researching the source first. I'm often found many broadcast on my WhatsApp group that contain hoaxes, but i never found it shared by a young person who understand about the internet world.

Why this happens? Because not all people know the truth. The are believe that the information on the internet is filtered like at the newspaper which is totally wrong. They still don't know about the internet contain can be produced by a anonymous person and not strictly filtered.

And the fact, major Indonesian people doesn't know the truth behind hoaxes. And this would be the cause of hoax to be a most potentially viral content

3. Xenopobhia with a organization or person

If you're have many activities at social media, i'm sure you often meet a hate speech that produced by a person or a organization. A hate speech usually contain many hoaxes on it and it is for covers the hate speech by fake fact and data. And if you check it through other media, you can't find other media that broadcast the exact same news.

Whether the article is hoax or not, can be proven by search it through search engine like Google. Are you found the credible and trusted media broadcast exact same news? If not, the article is definitely a hoax that used by a person or organization to represent their dislikes with others.

4. High Anonymity 

Everybody may create a free website quickly. Formerly, a person who want to create a website, must capable to do HTML coding. But now, everybody can create a free website with free CMS (Content Management System) and can be normally functional as the other site without any difficulties.

And you can create it anonymously. The easiest example is how many people using their face for social media's profile picture? And how many people using their exact name on their identification card for their social media name?

With anonymity, everyone able to spread the hoax easily without worries.

5. It's very hard to block all hoax site

Because of all reason above, the government cannot easily block all hoax site. If one site successfully blocked, the hoax creator may create other site and it will continuously happen.

And we are exactly know, we aren't live for reporting hoax site. So, if someone (who understand the internet) encounters a hoax site, they will consider to leave and not report it to the hosting provider or the government (i'm to lazy to report them too).

Maybe there are a lot of reason. But anyway, hoax is a harmful threatening things. There are several tips for you to avoid hoax on the internet :
  1. Make sure you're reading a article from credible media
  2. Don't read the title and picture only, but read the whole article first.
  3. If the article doesn't contains any fact and data, don't share it and leave the site immediately.
  4. Check the other media, especially the mainstream media (whether they are reporting a same news or not)
Let's fight against hoaxes! Hoax is one of divide et impera act for a country. And i'm sure no one want to see the country fall into chaos because of that.

What is "SOHO" Means On Property World?

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The property market is always growth every time. This condition force the property developers to researching and develop new concept that can be acceptable in the market. The developers are already developed many concept including apartment, housing, condotel, villa, shop houses, and many other property types. And now, property is entering new world of development, called SOHO.

What is SOHO concept? In Indonesia, SOHO concept is not to famous like the developed countries, even in Jakarta city. At Surabaya, there are few developers that develop SOHO concept in their own land and the market is still not to high (compared with Jakarta or another big city around the world). So far, there are only few project that using SOHO concept in Surabaya including 88 Avenue and Ciputra World.

SOHO is abbreviated from Small Office Home Office. Almost same with the shop house concept, SOHO can be use for stay and office space. But if it same, how it can be a "new concept"?

What is "SOHO" Means On Property World?

The difference of the SOHO and Shop house is only "where and how developers built it". This means, if the shop house is developed and built on the landed area then the SOHO is developed and built in vertical (like apartment). And this would be SOHO's main disadvantage because your own unit cannot be seen from the main street directly. 

Using unit with SOHO concept, you can use it for stay or opening office without encountering government regulation, because SOHO is built for that condition. As you're not opening office against law, it's possible.

So, how about comparing conventional shop house and SOHO? There are a little of consideration you can see about it :

SOHO and Shop House Comparison

Plus :
  1. Prestigious location. Due to limited land banks in the big city, usually Shop House cannot developed on the main street or protocol area because the land bank is not enough. But with the SOHO, developer only need a little space for the building with hundreds unit in it. This can reduce the price too while giving the customer a prestigious office address.
  2. Fewer maintenance fee. SOHO's maintenance fee is relatively cheaper than conventional shop houses. Any of building maintenance importance have been included with the service charge, so the maintenance is handled by the building management already.
  3. Much safer. Conventional shop house can be easily broken by the bandit or theft if it's haven't added by owner's advanced security system. But the SOHO always have completely advanced security system added by building management and only authorized person can access through the building. So the unit will much safer.
  4. Have many facilities. SOHO is built with many facilities on it. This is because the SOHO unit is designed for living and working, so the management must make sure that the occupant have a comfort live in their unit. And this is your advantage because you can use it with your clients or employee for free!
  5. Better rent price. The rent price of SOHO is relatively higher than conventional shop houses. This is because the large companies usually prefer with SOHO that have a prestigious address and advanced security rather than the conventional one.
Disadvantages :
  1. SOHO's space is relatively smaller than conventional shop houses. But, there are SOHO that have very large space too but you must pay more too.
  2. Cannot renovate unit's facade. This is because the facade is joined with the main building facade.
If we see the whole advantages and the disadvantages, the SOHO have more advantages compared with conventional shop houses. And, how about the Office Space? I'm sure you've already know that the Office Space cannot be used for living and stay. And on some Office Space, you can charged with additional fee for overnight operation.

And, that's the article of the SOHO. If you have any inquiries for searching or renting a SOHO in Indonesia (especially in Surabaya city), you can reach me through the contact form and it's free of charge.

What Is The Difference Of Traditional and Simplified Hanzi?

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For anybody who have learned the Mandarin Language before, maybe have known about the mandarin character called hanzi, is divide within 2 kind of type: Simplified and the Traditional version. The origin of the two hanzi type is same from China. But at 1911 china's revolution, Mao Ze Dong have simplified major of the hanzi character. Some of the Mao Ze Dong doing was erasing the budhist elements of hanzi or reducing unnecessary hanzi stroke.

However, not all traditional hanzi can be transform into the simplified. In fact, there are a lot of hanzi traditional character is still used because the simplified version cannot covers all of literature importance, and there are few ambiguous simplified version. There it is:

What Is The Different Of Traditional and Simplified Hanzi?

The Change Of Radical

Some of hanzi simplified have change on the radical type, the example is 听 (pinyin : ting = hear) on simplified version and 聽 (pinyin : ting = hear) on traditional version, there are radical change from 耳 (er = ear) to 口 (kou = mouth), and the strokes have been significantly reduced to. But, if you see on the radical change, you can see that the radical is wrong and misinform because we should use ear to hearing sounds, not using mouth.

Another ambiguous radical change is on the 愛 (ai = love) to 爱 (ai = love). Why the heart component must erased?

Some of hanzi experts have put any question of this ambiguous change. But no one still can answer it.

Stroke reduction

Compared with the traditional, simplified have much easier way to write and memorize. Some of character with significantly stroke reducing is 樂 (le = happy) to 乐 (le = happy). So much simpler and easier.

Sheng diao (tone) removal

This is the second ambiguous things after the radical changes. Where is a tone removal on some words of simplified version (except the repeating word like 爸爸 (baba) or 妈妈 (mama) that should have tone removal on the second word).

The example is on the 朋友 (peng3 you0), where the pinyin tone should be peng3 and you4. This is perhaps of the complicated pinyin regulation. Therefore, many of people that newly studying mandarin character encounter some ambiguous situation that when the tone should be removed or not.

Pinyin and Zhuyin Usage

If you are live on the Taiwan state, maybe you can be confused because there is no pinyin regulation in the Taiwan state, but they are using the Zhuyin regulation beside. Zhuyin in the famous mandarin phonetic symbol (MPS) that represent the old way of reading methods of the Mandarin character.

If you are used to study with pinyin, maybe you cannot use it at Taiwan state because there are no relation between Pinyin and Zhuyin.

The world are still change to the better and better and so the Mandarin character. I hope the China government can fixing and adjusting the regulation between the two version of mandarin character perfectly in the future.

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