How To Learn Mandarin Easily With Jie Wei Ling

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Are you still studying the Mandarin Language? How many words you have learned? Did you know that the mandarin words is so many?. The one of mandarin difficulties is there are two words that can combined into a new words. Example : 安 (safe) and 排 (bars) can be combined to a new form : 安排 (arrange). They can be used in combined forms or stand alone depends on your needs.

The Jie Wei Ling Games

The amount of words that you have learned is so essential, especially if we talk about HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi/Mandarin Proficiency Test). In this test you need to mastering many bunch of mandarin words. And you must understand where and when the words should be used.

So, today we will introduce you how to learn mandarin words with fun methods! We can play a traditional Chinese games called 接尾令 (jie wei ling)! The game rules is we must interconnect the words that mentioned by the last speaker. Examples : 早上 (zao shang - morning) - 上面 (shang mian - upper part) - 面包 (mian bao - bread) - 包装 (bao zhuang - packs) - 装修 (zhuang xiu - renovating) - dst), continuously.

If you want to playing this smoothly, you must understand many words so you can interconnect the words that the speakers have spoke it. If not, you can't do many things and the score would be given to the another person who can connect the words.

I have tried this games several times, usually i played it on Facebook Groups. We write the Hanzi and Pinyin together with the meaning to helps other people who want to learn mandarin.

This game is so interesting if there are many participants. We can mention so many words in the comment section and learning it means together. But, for anyone who aren't understand enough words to participate, you can watch and take note on the words that have mentioned by the participants. Imagine, how many words you can learn in every single game!.

After you have understand enough words, you can participate into this game. We recommend you write down the words (with the handwriting input or pinyin input) so this can helps you to memorize the hanzi and pinyin forms together with the games. So this can train all of mandarin ability in funny way!

Are you interesting to join us? You can search the mandarin learning groups through your Social Media (you can use the LINE Square too). Happy learning!

How To Screenshot Your Computer Screen Directly

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PC or we called Personal Computer (especially with the Windows Operating System) is a multi function device that equipped with various ability. Even compared with today's smartphones and tablets, there are so many professional activities that can only solved with the Computer.

Some of PC user apparently still can't use the screenshot features directly. Most of user still need the third party application help to do this simple things. But, in fact we can do this just using the original windows application easily. Some PC or Laptops may have a special gesture or button to take screenshot directly, but we can discuss this in general way.

PC Screenshot

So far, we are often to use the third party application like LINE Screenshot or Windows Snipping tools. There are some people that use the Lightshot plugin for computer to do this things too. But, did you know that you can take screenshot without any third party application?

All you need is just press the "Print Screen" key in your keyboard, usually it placed beside the "Scroll Lock" key. Once it pressed, the computer will copying all of your display directly and you can paste it everywhere you want. This including in Social Media comment section too. Here is the simple step to screenshot your computer screen and paste it:
  1. Place yout display into the section you want to snap
  2. Press the "Print Screen" button in your keyboard
  3. Open the application that you want to paste your pictures. Use the Ctrl + V shortcut to simply paste it.
  4. The picture is ready! You can post it or use it for any purposes.
So easy right? You don't need any plugin or third party application anymore for screenshoting your screen. This method is way much simpler than use the snipping tool app. 

Make sure you have pasted your picture, soon after you have press the "Print Screen" button. If you forget to paste the picture and you accidentally copying anything else, your picture will be permanently removed and cannot recovered except you snipping again. 

Introducing The NFC Technology

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Even this technology has been implemented in Indonesia for years ago, but the fact is there are only some people who understand about this feature. The function of the NFC (Near Field Communication) isn't too popular, even its very useful if its used.

Some of NFC function are : Transferring files and for mobile pay system. These technology isn't so popular in Indonesia/ Actually, this new features is very powerful for resolving some public issues, such as boarding queue problem.

In Japan, the plane boarding process for 450 people is only needs 15 minutes to solve. With the traditional systems, 450 people may consume about 45 minutes (this is due to the official must check the passengers validity ticket and identity). So, lets talk about NFC features further.

Near Field Communication


NFC is wireless connectivity technology with Radio Frequency Idenditication basis. This technology is using the magnetic field induction and make the device interaction in the short range. The first NFC developer in the world was NXF Semiconductors Sony in 2002. 

The advantages of NFC is, this technology is have no any requirements to use it. Formerly, many connectivity technology that requires some pairing, PIN, password, etc for its function. But the NFC can make possible for people to connect their phones (with other phones or any devices) without any complicated requirements. 

A research by ABI is said, in the 2007 (and later) the NFC technology will implemented in any devices through the world. The NFC could be placed in any types of devices, like mobile phones, PC, camera, printer, or even an ATM machines. The mobile phones is looks like a perfect place for NFC usage and propagation. This because of every people in the world will have a smartphone.

Some example of NFC function

1. Smart Tag

NFC Smart Tag is a tiny device that can hanged in every place. This device function is to activate settings for any application, once the smartphones tapped. Maybe it looks so simple. But this can helps you to have much easier life. Usually this tag is implemented in the smart home. 

2. Game NFC

The NFC multiplayer games is not so popular since the internet boom. But, the NFC can act like LAN in computer, so you can play with your friends without any internet connection. The example is Asphalt 5 HD NFC on some nokia devices.

3. File Transfer

The NFC could be a best competitors in file transfer technology against Wi-Fi direct. The main Wi-Fi Direct disadvantage is needed to pairing before transfer file. With the NFC technology, file transfer process can be much simpler. NFC just need to touch the "back side of smartphone" and all files will be transferred instantly.

Kegunaan NFC

Indonesia NFC obstacles

Even its magnificent technology, the NFC implementation in Indonesia is encountered some problems. This is because of the NFC developers in only developed the NFC in saturated Operating System. And when the technology is ready to use, the OS user is migrating to the new one.

But today, the NFC development is starting to rise again. The example is : The Mandiri Bank is released a checking balance application for e-money. So, you can check your e-money balance with your smartphone.

Hope there are no obstacles again in the Indonesia NFC development. Even there are no so many people that using NFC, but this technology could bring a new future.

Looking Into Property New Trend "Lifestyle Mall"

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The property development trend is more vary. And the one of the list is, how can the developers provide the shopping center in their residential area or at the below level of the apartment buildings.

Many property management try to make a join work with many shopping department vendor for complementing their residential area. There are some concepts of their experiments : starting from Department store, super mall, to the popular trend today : The Lifestyle Mall.

Maybe you are often heard these mall concept. What is the different with the most mall before? Formerly, before the mall is built massively like today, the people is still lack of mall supply and they are very proud if their residential area is close to the big shopping central.

Looking Into Property New Trend "Lifestyle Mall"

But, by the time, there are many new shopping mall that built in the big city (the example is Jakarta, where we can say there is a mall available in every 100 meters). Therefore, the people is starting to bullish this trend of development, because the big mall usually very crowded and jammed.

The property developers is trying to develop a new concept. But, they cannot sacrifice the prestige and the comprehensive living concept for resident needs. And today, they starting to develop the Lifestyle Mall concept.

Let's take a look, what is the difference of this new concept that the old one. We can see through all of our new mall and compared to the old ones. Did you notice the different with them?

From the tenant side, we can see any difference. Compared with the old one, today's mall is not equipped with many tenants. They just equipped with enough tenants just for covering the resident's daily needs and small prestige purposes. Usually, the new mall doesn't have duplicate tenant models inside their mall. For example, the Lifestyle mall only have 1 coffee shop or have only 1 hypermarket.

But, if you take a look with the old concept, you can see many competiting tenants. Some shopping center may have more than 3 or 4 types of same concepts tenants. Maybe that is for covering visitor burst because a single tenant cannot covers too many visitors.

If you visit this kind of mall once a week, maybe is very interesting. But if you must walk through these kind of mall daily, you might be very stressful. Because of this reason, the Apartment lobby and mall lobby is placed in different place.

Finally, the parking access is the reason. With the big super mall, they need a very spacious parking place. Imagine if there are bursting people entering the mall in one day. The residents won't have enough space for park their vehicle. Usually, the visitor of the lifestyle mall is can be predicted and seldom to burst.

So, there are much differences between these two. You can still living above the comprehensive mall for covering the daily needs but isn't sacrificing the residents comfort. Some of Surabaya's lifestyle mall are : The Central, 88 Avenue, Grand Sungkono Lagoon, Marvell City.

Top 5 Most Of Traffic Jam Factors

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The world is seems become more narrow and narrow. Imagine the traffic jam that caused in the many big city across the country. The traffic jam maybe is a main problem in all of the big city around the world.

According to UBER data, every people is trapped in the traffic jam in 90 minutes everyday. These wasted time should be for take nap or playing with the family if isn't use for traffic jam. But, due to this condition, so much times have been wasted

These serious traffic jam is the assumption why almost all people in the big city is experienced high stress and depression. Clearly, no one feels comfortable for sitting in hours inside the car for driving in traffic jam condition.

Top 5 Most Of Traffic Jam Factors

But, we can't just complaining and commenting. Try to understanding and prevent the traffic jam factors. This is for you and me too, there are 5 most factors of traffic jams causes.

1. Breaking the road markings

Every road are have arranged and adjusted for preventing the traffic jam. Pay attention for the road's right side (Indonesia), is just for high speed vehicle.

Never breaks the road markings. This happens a lot in the main junction or freeway entrance. Breaking the road markings suddenly can make the vehicle behind you trapped and the traffic jam happens soon.

Pay attention for motorcycle user! Don't drive your motorcycle in the right side of the main way (Indonesia) especially if you're in the frontage road. Make sure you have to square off before take a u turn or moving on the other road side.

2. Bypassing the Yellow Box Junction and Traffic Light

Traffic light is a important things to prevent traffic light. This item is placed in the main junction to prevent vehicle jammed in the center of the junction. But, there are many drivers doesn't obey this traffic signage.

At the junction's center, there are Yellow Box Junction placed on it. These yellow rectangle function is for giving a extra time or chance for the vehicle who have passed the stop line but still didn't reach the road across them. You must wait until there are no vehicle in the Yellow Box Junction before passing, even when the traffic light is already in the "Green" sign.

Many drivers are still doesn't obey these Yellow Box Junction rules. Therefore, the amazing traffic jam always happens in the junction.

3. Park the vehicle randomly

Parking at the place that shouldn't to park can causes reducing of the road wide. This can cause the road can fit with many vehicle above it because it becomes more narrow. Even there are no "no parking" available, try not to park your vehicle in the main road's side.

Park the vehicle randomly can make your cars sealed by the police. Therefore, make sure you have parked your vehicle in the right place provided by government. Make sure you have seen th "parking zone" sign before you parked.

4. Breaking the traffic sign

This often happens in the motorcycle rider environment. The traffic signage like no "u turn" or "no stop here". Make a u turn in the place that have "no u turn" signage will causes the accident. Because a place that have this signage usually have a huge volume of vehicle with high speed driving.

If a accident happens, can lead into a traffic jam right? Always obey all of the traffic signs. All of these signs have been arranged for preventing any traffic jams and accident. 

5. The public transport that randomly stop everywhere

For you who are the driver of the public transportation service, please stop for randomly sheltering everywhere. This is always happens in the developing countries such as Indonesia. Besides disturbing the traffic, the public transportation name is defaced too.

I don't know whether this happens in the developed countries or not. But the online transport such as Grab and Uber are often found to sheltering in some random place for waiting customer order. Some of them usually caused terrible traffic jam because of they are sheltering in the side of the main side.

Start act now! The common cause of the traffic jam often comes from ourselves. Always obey the traffic rules and the road markings everywhere you are. Don't forget to use the public transport if possible to avoid the volume burst in the city.

The Advantages Of WhatsApp Business For Your Business

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The WhatsApp inc is recently releasing their business app, called WhatsApp Business. As its name, this application is made for helping every communication activity of business company. This application is equipped with some complex features.

You can download this official application in Google Play store directly (today, the stable version has been released). The file size is almost same with the regular Whatsapp. Now, what is the difference between the two? 

Showing the comprehensive company details

In the regular WhatsApp, you only can shows your name, the WA numbers, and the status message. In the Business version, you can show your company profile, company's website, company's phone numbers, location drop pin, and the e-mail address. This can helps the customer to knowing your business well.

WhatsApp Business

Fast Reply feature and Greeting Message

You can also add the greeting message in WhatsApp Business. This means, everyone who texting to your WhatsApp Business number will receive the greeting automatically. You can edit these greeting message in the settings menu. for recommendation, the greeting message can include your business intro and your company contact.

The WhatsApp Business is able to adding fast reply shortcut. You can reply your customer message with some queries, and the fast reply recommendation will be appears. This can be used to give your product summary or the pricing table. You can add this features in the settings menu.

Power full as the Regular WhatsApp

Generally, there is no much difference between the Whatsapp regular version and the Business version in the operational side. You just need an active phone number for using Whatsapp Business. The backup chat feature, video call, voice call, etc is still remain available in the Business version.

Away auto reply

In the Business version, you can add an auto reply if you're still away from business. This means, the customer wouldn't feel like you're not pay attention to their chat to you because they can seen your away message because of some reason. This can be useful if you are sick or have some activity that must be handled immediately.

Easy migration

If you are already using the WhatsApp regular for your business, you can migrate your account into the business version easily without erasing any data. You just need to register your number to the WhatsApp business and your data will migrate automatically (if you installing these application in same device, the data will migrate directly without download). Remember to migrate your account first before deleting the old WhatsApp aplication.

So, how to distinguish the regular account and business account? The WhatsApp will give you a notification if you're having a chat with an account that using the business version. The business profil is still shown even if its opened with regular whatsapp version.

For additional information, you can use the business version and regular version in one phone with a different phone number together.

With this business version, your business will looks cooler and more profesional. And the business version can be used for free without advertisement. Are you ready to migrate?

In App Purchases Versus Advertising Which Is Better?

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The world of mobile application is entering a new stage. Today, the mobile user is increased significantly while the computer user is decreased. This make a new market development for the application developer. Because of the Android open source, so every application developer can develop their own application with no limitation (compared with iOS and Windows).

But, as a developers that need very much budgeting for their job, the developers must can make money from their application. This is reasonable, because isn't easy do make a good application without money support.

In App Purchases Versus Advertising Which Is Better

So far, there are 2 options to make money from the application : with in app purchases or Advertising. So, let's discuss about it.

In App Purchases

In App Purchases is the most common methods to monetize an application. Since the very first of the application, the developer is already adopted this monetization concept (with the membership or subscribing method). But, by the time the paid application isn't so popular and shows a down trend graphic. And today, the developers is make a free application but they are sell many goods inside it.

Some application that used in app purchases system is so many. From the game application until the productivity application use this monetize method. But, unfortunately not all user is willing to pay some money to buy the in app purchases.

We can see, there are so many developers that desire to make money from their application once it released. Even in the first day, they immediately show the pop up in the user in the first day of the application have used by user. This then make the user isn't willing to buy the in app purchases and uninstall the application.

In App Purchases

Even with the bad first impression, the developers still offering the user for buying their in app purchases. This might make the users feels very uncomfortable and lead into they uninstall the application.

This kind of monetization methods is famous enough in games application. This is usually makes the games imbalanced, because the item that cost "real money" always thousand times more powerful than the items that only cost "game money". This phenomenon then called "pay to win" games.

The very imbalanced games usually have a very quick decreasing the number of players. It is because of not all players able to spend a lot of money for only to playing games. The very little amount of players might lead into games shutdown.

Considering for releasing a in app purchases and make sure it doesn't make game so imbalanced, but doesn't make the paid player gains nothing.


Compared with the in app purchases, advertising is the more comfortable way to monetizing application. Because it doesn't force any user to spend their money for extra features and the developers still can make money from the application.

But in reality, there are many developers that spamming ads in their own application. And this making the application's user experience is badder, and look like a AdWare or ads generator. Too much ads can disturb the user experience and might lead into uninstalling application from user's phone.

Mobile Advertising

There are many application user who complained about the massive pop up advertising and difficult to close. Consider to use the advertising wisely. No need to spamming ads in the application. The banner ads is more comfort way for user. If you are willing to use the pop up, make sure the timing of the ads isn't disturbing user and can closed easily.

Pay attention for skip feature too. The video ads that can't be skipped is very disturbing and wasting the internet quota. Remember, there are many competitors outside that can replaced your application easily just because of your application is like an AdWare.

So far, you can use the AdMob from Google as a monetizing tools with advertising methods. But, you can use your own ads from another option.

Please consider for using these two monetizing methods wisely. Use the combination if needed. Don't make your developer reputation is dropped just because of the wrong monetizing method implementation

How To Count Your Money In Mandarin Way

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Counting money in Mandarin Way? Why not? Even it looks hard because of the numbers order on China is so different with western system, but learning how to counting your money is so important especially for you who want to live in China.

Maybe you have heard the local Chinese speaking the money with the hokkien language. As we know, the Hokkien people is speread all over the world and their accent have been adapted with the local accent. B ut, we can see that the numbers order is still follow the China's standard.

At China country, they use RMB (人民币 = Ren Min Bi) or we can call it as Yuan or CNY (China Yuan). In the daily conversation, the chinese usually use the kuai metrics unit for counting money.

How To Count Your Money In Mandarin Way

In Indonesia, we have accustomed to use rounded money currency without cents. But, in the China we will use the 3 kinds of currency breakdown. Here is the details :
  • Yuan and Kuai for the main currency
  • Mao (毛) or Jiao (角) for the tens cents currency
  • Fen (分) is used for the littlest cents
  • 0.38 RMB written as 三毛八分 (Sān máo bā fēn) or 三角八分 (Sānjiǎo bā fēn)
  • 126.66 RMB written as 一百二十六块三毛三分 (Yībǎi èrshíliù kuài sān máo sān fēn yuán) or 一百二十六元三角三分 (Yībǎi èrshíliù yuán sānjiǎo sān fēn)
  • 36.00 RMB written as 三十六块 (Sānshíliù kuài) or 三十六元 (Sānshíliù yuán)
Remember there are formal form and informal form (for daily conversation purposes). You can use the formal way for daily conversation, but can't use the informal way to the formal condition.

For additional information, for efficiency reason usually the money amount isn't written with hanzi form. So, you must memorize the hanzi form of numbers perfectly so you can speak and read the number fluently.

There are no difficulty aren't these? Like in another developed countries, the China money currency is stable enough, so you maybe won't meet the money amount above of 10.000 RMB (1 USD is equal with 7 RMB). Except you want to buy a real estate or a car.

Easy Way To Starting Stocks Investment

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Did you often hearing the stocks exchange investment? Stocks exchange is one of the many investment option that very interesting to discuss. But, maybe you will ask, how to do it? Did the investors must call every company that they want to invest?

The one easiest and safest way to start investing in stock exchange is, you must register yourself into the trusted securities. Securities is a asset management company and they can be a broker between investors and the companies. So, how does it work? Today, we discuss about it.

Easy Way To Starting Stocks Investment

Easy way to start investing stocks

First, you must choose one of many securities company in your country. As i was told you before, the securities only act as a broker, not your financial planner. So, the movement of stocks price in the market is not depends to your choosen securities, but it depends on the market condition.

You can find the securities company easily in the middle of city. Usually, they open their business in the prestigious office building to show how professional they are. You can start registering yourself as a investor
The securities will give you a form to collect your personal information. This form is for opening the investor account and a agreement between you and the securities. Make sure you have read all the form carefully 
You need a active email account for receiving the information about your stocks transaction (like buy and sell notification or dividen announcement)

After you have register yourself. You should wait about one or a couple of weeks until your investor account is activated. After it activated, you can start your first deposit and start trading
Remember for always keep your investor account secure. Don't ever to pass your investor ID and PIN because these all you needfor stocks transaction. You can't buy or sell your stocks if you are losing your investor ID and PIN 

Start Trading

After you have transferred your first deposit, you can start buying the stocks. You can use the application that your securities have provided or by contacting your personal broker.

The stocks is a proof that you have invested your capital in a company. The stocks name is coded with some of alphabetical code that represent the company's name (The number of alphabet may vary depend in the country's regulation). Make sure you have checked the company profile before buying their stocks.

For reminder, the stocks is one of the investment instrument and not for gambling purposes. There is no instant way to be rich, so you may not receiving instant investment return. Don't forget to learn the stocks trading basic to avoiding great loss.

For deciding whether you must buy and sell, you must read the economy news first. Beware! Don't use your personal feeling for trading because it is useless and coulod lead into great loss that can turn you into broke.

Some of famous stocks price monitoring application is Yahoo Finance and Google Stocks. You can monitoring your stocks price with these application in real time condition.

Remember you only could trade your stocks in office hour only. Don't forget to ask the market's office hour to your broker because the office hour of each country may vary

Happy investing!

Knowing About Games Genre Variants

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Do you like playing game so much? If you like, which one do you play frequently? For the one who like playing game so much, you should know that the gaming genre is so many. And the example of them is MOBA and FPS!

But, did you know? Before the MOBA games become so popular, the most popular game is MMORPG and FPS games. Now, we will discuss about variation of the game's genre. Check it out!


MMORPG is abbreviation of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. If you play this kind of game, you will see that every player is represent and act for some figures in the virtual world. These character will grow and develop along with the games story plot.

In the beginning of the computer game era (especially in the online games era) the MMORPG is the one of most popular games in the world. The examples is Ragnarok, RF Online, Perfect World, et cetera. Even the Ragnarok that adopt the Pay to Play system is have many players in their server.

The MMORPG usually have a complex gameplay and the player is must always grinding and hunting everytime. Along with the character's level growth, the game will be harder than before.


FPS is abbreviation of First Person Shooter and is a shooting game. In the beginning, the FPS games is using first person view point. But, the view point is changed to third person by the time. The third person view point is to suit the games with the mobile players, because third person view point is much easier than first person if played with smartphone or console.

Point Blank and Counter strike is the example of famous FPS in the world. In the mobile games platform, there are PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Grounds) that combining the open world and shooting genre.


TCG is abbreviation for Trading Card Game. TCG is games type that using card duel. Each card is have specific effect. Maybe you have seen the Yu Gi Oh and Duel master, which is the games that adopt TCG system.

Unfortunately, TCG is usually need to play with large amount of money. These money is to buy the card bundle. The card bundle maybe contain some legendary or rare card with super power ability. But, there are no guarantee you can obtain these legendary cards even if you have spent much money for buying them. Due to this reason, the TCG isn't too popular.


MOBA is stands for Massive Online Battle Arena. It is a short term game play duration. the players will be gathered to a arena, and their task is to destroy enemy's base while protect the allies base.

In the beginning, MOBA is created for substitute the another genre that requires big amount of money to win (the major of MMORPG games is pay to win). Therefore, MOBA can be played by everyone. The player is only need teamwork and strategy management. DotA is an example of famous MOBA that prioritize the players skill.

But, major of MOBA game developer is developing their games with pay to win system. This making the game imbalanced and look like Pay To Win game type.


RTS or Real Time Strategy is a strategy games that requiring player to manage and build their base while conquering another base.

The Travian and Ikariam is the examples of very popular Online RTS games. In the mobile platform, Clash Of Clans is the one of very popular RTS games with clan and real time battle system. And some of former popular RTS games are : WarCraft, StarCraft, and Command and Conquer.


Rhythm is a game that using a song rhythm to play. The Audition AyoDance and Guitar Hero is some of successful rhythm games. Game rhythm can be played as dancing games, karaoke games, or with some real acoustic tools.

As you see, there are many kind of games genres. There are more kind of game genres such as Board game, Arcade game, Sandbox, etc. But, due to limited time and space in this article, these would be discuss next time! Remember, playing games isn't made for fighting purposes. So, you just need to fun and enjoy during playing your games.

How Is The Original Mandarin Alphabet Look Like?

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There are many alphabetical type in this world. And some examples of the variants are Latin, Greece, Hebrew, Tagalog, Japanese Hiragana, until the Sign language. The most popular of the alphabetical use is the Latin alphabet (from a to z). Many countries is using the Latin alphabet to represents their words. And now, we will discuss about original Mandarin alphabetical model.

We won't talk about hanzi! Because hanzi is already represents any words and having any specific means, in other word the hanzi isn't an alphabet. But, we will talk about from where the pronunciation guidelines of the hanzi. For example, how come the character 我 is called "wo3"?

The mandarin alphabet is distinguished with 2 kinds : Zhu Yin (注音) and Pin Yin (拼音). Zhu Yin is the one of authentic Mandarin alphabet, and usually called MPS (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols) or Bopomofo. And the Pin Yin is the Mandarin alphabet that have adjusted with the Latin alphabethical system.

So, the Pin Yin and Zhu Yin can be reverted to the Latin alphabet with some additional guidelines and its usually called the "Pin Yin Guidelines"

Today, the International standard of Mandarin pronunciation is the Pin Yin. And the Zhu Yin is only used in Taiwan state.

Zhu Yin and Pin Yin

Pin Yin

The  Pin Yin pronunciation method is almost same with the Latin methods. And the writing methods is from left to right with Sheng diao above the suitable vowel. The Sheng diao can be wrote with the numbers code too (e.g. : 我 = wo3).

The Pin Yin Sheng Diao variants : "-" for the first tone, "/" for the second tone, "v" for the third tone, and "\" for the fourth tone. And "empty" for repetition tone.

Pin Yin is only used for the beginner. Actually, you won't see any Pin Yin guidelines in a magazine or newspaper.

Zhu Yin

Zhu Yin is a symbol that represents any vowel or consonants. In Taiwan State, almost of all keyboard is equipped with Zhu Yin input compatibility.

The Zhu Yin isn't same with the Latin alphabet read and write methods (e.g. ;  我 = ㄛˇ). The non computing writing methods is from above to below, and the Sheng Diao is written in the right side.

Zhu Yin Sheng Diao variants : "empty" for the first tone. "/" for the second tone, "v" for the third tone. amd "v" for the fourth tone. The repetition tone is written as ".".

Learning Zhu Yin could be very frustrating for the beginners. It is because of no relation between Zhu Yin, Pin Yin, and Hanzi. The students also need to memorize all of the phonetics symbol with the correct pronunciation.

You can see the relation between Zhu Yin and Pin Yin in table below:

Zhu YinPin Yin
e (like "leave")
e (like "learn")

The only way to learn these phonetic symbols is use it frequently. Because there no relation between the Zhu Yin, Pin Yin, and Hanzi. No one can guess Pin Yin from Zhu Yin, Zhu Yin from Pin Yin, or Hanzi from the these pronounce methods and vice versa without dictionary help. You must memorize all of them perfectly.

Looking Internet Trends With Google Trends

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The power of Google search engine shouldn't be doubted anymore. Almost all people around the world is using Google as their source of information. Like the school assignment, food recipe, literation, and even for business reference.

With these much power, there are many queries and keywords that inserted by many people every single day. For some people, especially for content writer, this is a big opportunity for them. And the opportunities is they can easy looking to the trends and make content about it.

So, how to looking for Google trending queries? You can use the tools that called Google Trends. This tools is a facility that provided by Google for take a look into the Google trending queries, that often inserted by people.

Looking Internet Trends With Google Trends

You can see how often a queries is searched using Google. Besides, the Google Trends is also provide the result that relevant for the popular queries.

The Google Trends tool is a popular tool in the Blogger and YouTube content creator environment. It is because they must obtain many visitors with creating a trending content. The trending content usually can drive huge visitors into their site or channel.

The Google Trends is also provide data recap for yearly popular search that grouped based on their topic. These data can be used for basic data for netizen activities survey.

For additional information, these data can use for free without formal licenses. Since the freedom of internet is the one of Google products main advantage which major of Google product can be used for free with very little limitation.

But, the information real time trending maybe not available for some region. These perhaps the people who used Google search isn't too much for collecting data (Some country still have many area that still didn't covered by internet provider).

How to use Google Trends

Isn't difficult to use the Google Trends. You just need to insert the query that you want to see the insight, and then the data would be provided. You can compare a query with others as your consider to create any content.

The data would be represent with the point parameter, which the lowest point is 0 (no search activities) and the highest is 100 (Hot trending topic). You can compare the one queries with another that based on topic or other specific queries.

Data Google Trends

Google Trends is also give the region that most often do a search with the query. This can be your consideration for content or selling that based on geo targeting.

It is interesting, isn't it? With the Google Trends, everyone can see what is the internet trending without doing any painful survey. But you can't use the Google Trends data for specific research since its data is for general only.

Easy Tips For Remembering The City Direction

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Every person have different topography skills. There are some people who can remembering the street direction easily in one sight, and there are some people who very difficult to remembering the street direction (and i'm is the one who difficult to remember).

Actually, remembering the city direction is not limited to the main street only, but can be refers to remembering the direction inside of the mall, airport, or another place with very large area.

Remember the complex street direction

Since i am is the one who difficult to remembering new area, even i'm living in the "not too complex" city like Surabaya with easy direction and haven't so many highways and freeways. I can't imagine if i'm living in metropolitan city like Jakarta or something like that.

But, the slow person doesn't mean can't. The one of easy method i have used is often go out around the city, but not all people can walking around the city except if you're a sales person. There are some tips and trick for you so you can remembering the city direction easier.

Using navigation apps

You can use the navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. These are really helpful for understanding the new areas you want to explore. You are only need to set up the apps while you are walk or drive and the easiest route would be setted automatically.

But, these apps isn't updated real time (you can't see any traffic change like contraflow condition or something else). So if you aren't use this apps carefully, this can lead to traffic violations.

And you cannot use your device while driving, so this method isn't recommended if you are driving in the crowd main street.

Remember the landmark

The other effective method is remembering the landmark location. You can remember some high rise building with unique name or remembering the street shape. In the big metropolitan city like Jakarta, you can remembering the mall name or apartment building around the street.

This method is very effective and i have prove it. If you are do this method frequently i'm sure this can be more efficient than use the navigation apps.

Use the same direction for go and back

Using the alternative way is much faster and easier for avoiding the increased vehicle volume on the some main street. But, if you use the alternative way which is the alernative way is different with the way you go in the beginning, you can be confused.

Why? It is because the alternative way usually is a small and narrow way. You're entering the areas with no landmark and have many turn.

Use the motorcycle

Using the motorcycle is easier way to go around the city. It's because the motorcycle is can save the fuel cost and motorcycle can do maneuver much better that car. So if you are pick the wrong way, you can easily make a u turn.

The motorcycle can be use to enter area that is restricted to car, so if you want use the alternative way, is much way easier. But there are motorcycle restricted area and usually these area is located on the center of the city.

Opening the maps apps frequently

Open the maps apps frequently can help you to predict the direction. This can help if you are in situation that require you to entering new area, you have the turning point.

Just open the area that you haven't visited before, then just take a look how to reach the location. You mustn't do this everyday, but you can do this during your free time.

The remembering city direction are not a easy things. Even the person who go around the city frequently doesn't guarantee that they can remember whole city areas well. But, if you can remember the way and direction that you need to go through, can help you for saving your times rather than asking.

How To Save Your Internet Quota

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Everyday is internet! Today, look like no one can live without internet access. Even creating a blog like this need internet access too. But, as we know the internet volume often running out. Imagine, 1.5 Gigabyte is only for 2 weeks? That's so sad.

How To Save Your Internet Quota

But, there are some methods you can try to save your internet bills, especially on your smartphones. Some of you may familiar with this methods, but for any people who don't know you can try this. I've try this methods and i only need 600 Megabyte of internet volume for 1 month!

Limit background process

Restrict Background Data

This method is not recommended for people who really need notification access, because with the background data limitation the notification access (e.g. chat notification or reminder) would be disabled automatically.

But, according my daily data usage, the notification like BBM, Facebook, Line, etc is consumpting about 15% of my quota. If you want to try, you can go to your phone setting and then select data usage and select the more menu and tap "limit background process". On some Android device with newer OS, this option is automatically activated during phone idle.

Use the lite browser

Opera mini browser is one of many examples of lite browser. The compression function on the lite browser can compress all of sites you want to browser until to the lightest size. With this lite browser, you may not experience the perfect site User Experience (UX) but this can save up to 80% of data that you need in normal mode.

Opera Mini, The Lite Browser

But this is not means that the lite browser is having a worst performance, because today the major of lite browser is equipped with many function like notification access and UX enhancement. This lite browser can open AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) perfectly too.

Stay On 2G

If you are not in busy day, it's better to switch your signal to the 2G mode for data savings. For additional information, 2G is fast enough to browsing in lite browser that i have wrote above. But you can't doing much with 2G mode except make or receiving call.

Switch data to offline if you are no need to online

If you are not really need data access, you can switch your data access to offline mode (e.g. if you are sleep or studying). Therefore, the application can't consumpting your data volume silently.

Turn off the data usage

Remember many application is monetized using advertising service. This means if you are accessing a offline application such as dictionary or calculator, they even use your data for advertisement access. But, if you turned off your data access, the ads cannot be loaded and you're saving your internet quota.

Use Wi-Fi

Actually, you will do this thing if you are on some place that offers wi-fi access aren't you? But on some place the speed is really slow. You can use the wi-fi for save your data efficiently.

So simple right? Saving your data is means saving your monthly cost too. If the money cannot covers your monthly need and running out before the pay day, just because you need to recharge your internet is not so funny isn't it?

The Difference Between Byte and Bit

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Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, etc. There are four examples of data metrics unit that isn't a strange things for us. In this new technology era, these metric units are usually used for measuring the computer file size. But, sometimes these metrics can be confusing too.

One of famous internet provider is write "up to 7.2 Mbps" on their internet facility description brochure, what are you thinking?

Bits and Bytes

But, in the same time the internet provider is write down the price of their service. You got 1 GB on every 55.000 rupiahs you've spent. What are you thinking about these? Is there any relation between the internet volume and the download speed? Is there any difference? Before we talk about that, let's pay attention the explanation below.

When you bought any internet packet and checking its quota, you will see that you're registered to internet service with 1.000.000 kilobyte quota, is that right? But, if you use it for internet browsing, the speed is only on 720 Kilobyte per second level. And you feel that you've cheated by the provider (because they wrote down the speed is up to 7.2 Mbps). Did you are really cheated by the provider?

1 byte actually is equal with 8 but (but many provider is rounding up the unit to the 10 bit). And if 1 Gigabyte is equal with 1.000.000, this means if you have 1 Gigabyte quota, so you have 1.000.000 Kilobyte (you really know about this). But, how about the speed that "only" 720 Kilobyte per second?

Remember, 1 byte is equal with 8 or 10 bit and the abbreviation for the bit is usually write down with the lowercase format. For example Kb is abbreviation of Kilobit while KB is abbreviation of Kilobyte. This means, 7.2 Mbps is equal with 7.2 Megabit per second or equal with 0.72 - 0.90 Megabyte per second. 0.72 - 0.90 Megabyte per second is equal with 720 - 900 Kilobyte per second.

The major of internet providers is usually use the bit metrics because bit is The International System of Units for data, and 1 bit is equal with data size of single character on the computer.

So, the internet provider isn't really cheated you. They can't be blamed for your misconception of data metrics that they used. How about the volume data unit? The providers is using the byte format to make the customer to easily understand on how much the quota they have and how much data they have spent for download or upload. Imagine if you are using the bit metrics but you want to download a big file that use byte metric. This can ends to very confusing things.

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